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The fountains mingle with the river
And the rivers with the ocean,
The winds of heaven mix forever
With a sweet emotion;
Nothing in the world is single,
All things by a law divine
In one another's being mingle--
Why not I with thine?

See the mountains kiss high heaven,
And the waves clasp one another;
No sister-flower would be forgiven
If it disdain'd it's brother;
And the sunlight clasps the earth, And the moonbeam's kiss the sea-
What is all this sweet work worth
If thou kiss not me?

 Why must we wait? Have I waited not too long or not long enough? Let's not go forward in all different directions, my dear. Ohh, so much to do. So little time to say...Come on now.., join us join us join us! I have never looked brighter or more sufficient in all my life. It turns out that I have failed to find us a varied niche, a fairer way..a cosmic way..newer way..why a nicer brand new clearer way than *commercial-- Startlet shirt wash guaranteed! yesss, mind you guaranteed to pommel the pooms and all them wascals from that laundry press..HIS pommel pooms my fool not mine. Nooo, you won't reckon buy THAT stuff anymore outside unless you find yourself a double faction of corn and a can of the best..Startlet, 6 double 9 33. Yesss, you will WIN with a can of smackeroo Startlet old chap, filet mignon...fleet street, tell us how many friends you have and I'll tell you nuts. bye now. (silliness)
 Citizen, let us delve together with constitution, with outright emotion, ohhh that heavenly scented field filled with fresh thoughts, faces, pasty-eyed daffodills and million dollar aces. Bee, is this place enough? Will it do? Call me if you think it will do. If you're uncomfortable here just say the word, you and me both! I mean I'm asking you in all asking, do you wish to renew our acquaintance? Saaay, you know something...I like you. Pretty love. Can you say the same for me?

It's just that I discovered life can be a rather miscellaneous guide.. life has been rather forlorn fiction here without my writing to you, after 10 years after all...good gosh I found that out the hard way of and cannon found that out too. In the fight of personal aggrandisement they threw the light out late last nite...
this summer night--*rowf..ra ra ra ra rowf...ROWF!
Moscow, see who it 'tis.
(cat talk)--see who it 'tis? are you off your bopper? YOU see who it "'tis".
...*smack it's Push eepernish old man, call me Push eepernish old boy that is of the third quarter quiangle..we'll handle jerry, won't we old hat? I say, old hat?
Cannon--*smack....who he? *at table
Shut up, the both of you! Put those fishes down. now see who it 'tis before I ...
Let's go old topper, "before I see who it 'tis" he says, this old man has a belly ache in his gorge!
*Macrohead chawin' off zee fishbone for another round of tum, finishing off a quart of lemon too. I'll gooo, I'll gooo. Hat?..You there? Isay. 
rowl rowl.
Speak english!
I said I'm here, hardhead. Isay... let's go, then. Off we gooo, into the wild blue yonder, hmm hm hmmmm...
up in the sky..a dog in a plane.. old man chuckles done shared his name (the dog)..they flew it to the sky, to seek revenge, but 'ol moscow shot him down..'tis aviled A-GAIN. *karumpa, *window HENRY SHUT UP THAT FLAMIN' CAT. ISAY. *Karumpa..*karumpa..HE DONE SHOT IT DOWN 3 TIMES ALREADY TONIGHT DINNIT HE NOW? *karumpa...*karumpa.. WHY NOT GET A DOGGG FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE AT  LEAST HE KNEW HOW TO GO AT THE TODHOCKLE...FAGGOT. *SLAM 
..10 20 30 40 50 or more, Moscow had 'em down.. a big black boar..flew it to the skies to seek revenge but Cannon canned his cat.."'tis aviled again!" *phone line.. HENRY CANE THAT CAT.. DO SOMETHING, THE CODE'S BREAKING DOWN, THE ICEWATER'S BREAKIN' OVER.. THE WHOLE DAMN' PITCHER'S GOING STRAIGHT TO GLORY INNIT. ISAY OR MAKE A PRESENTATION...OR WHAT THE HELL EVER...*click
Alas friend, the two love parakeets moscow and cannon have had their time with me for heaven's sake, they both send us how well they all are.  

This, lastly, is my final lengthy communique in script, moscow and Cannon..boys?..*to youuu, to youuu, to you to you to youuu, alright enough kids. until I hear from you again, oh fool of mine. I go silent.
 as dated--9/10/17

Miss, this is bud from 10 or so years ago, how have you been? I've recently offered a sagebrush to this site, a menu application but I done it too harrrd, it bounced back and ricocheted all over the place. After all, Jaxb is not on your friends list hence the hullabaloo. Be a good gal and do something for it squirt, make it rolll. Otherwise I am unable to post, and I do want to post. I find that. I can't. It seems, it seems as though I'm not able to rewire the great barbarian broadcast of 1938, the Barber of Saville as my rep-li-ca..too much oil in the can. Or something. So be a marvelous miss and set me a place outside of Wallstreet, the main apple, 6 rooms river vue or if you prefer, butter me up something up the east end.
So where have you come from these days? It's been so many moons since we let the flies swat. by the way, i'm sorry we got off to such a rough struggle a million years ago, it always bothered me.
i'm sorry,

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